Descrizione del progetto:

YouGuide will guide you to discover legends and the hidden curiosities around you, through audio content provided by locals and alternative experiences. You will be able to chose between listening to individual content or thematic tours created by our team. You will also have the opportunity of receiving information about local businesses and, in the next few months, of experiencing an innovative kind of tour, the social tour! If you have little time or you just want to be free hanging around, just use the “Explore” mode, you will receive push notifications when something cool is around. All the audioguides are geolocalised and easily accessible, divided by categories for an easy filtering. Or you can simply enjoy one of our thematic tours, all are incredibly original. For instance, we created a tour of Casanova in Venice and we are building a super exclusive financial city tour of London! Tours are also accessible in offline mode and multi-lingual. We are also adding a new concept of tour, developed by ourselves that will be ready in the next few months! You will have the chance of meeting new people with whom to share one of our tour, in a very simple way! Just let the communtiy know about your travel plans and our algorithm will match you with potential tour-friends, in a Tinder style way! We have a pretty aggressive expansion plan for 2016, trying to keep adding cities to YouGuide and launching the iOS version of the app before September, since at the moment it is only available for Andorid devices. Next target cities are London and Rome, and we are expecting to do so in a couple of months. YouGuide is a very important opportunity for Groupama given the huge number of potential users achievable by our app. Groupama may have, with us, a big pool of tourists to offer customized insurance products covering their trip from adverse events. Below there is the direct link of the app on Google Play: